Xavier Granier

Xavier Granier

XavierFollowing the recent award for the research publication, ‘The case for mistletoe in treatment of laryngeal cancer’, Camphill Wellbeing Trust (CWT) doctor and co-author, Dr Stefan Geider, gave a short presentation in London which prompted encouraging interest from the attending ENT consultants.

The paper, published March 2014 in The Journal of Laryngology and Otology, received the journal’s Best Paper Prize in the Clinical Record & Short Communication category.
The research considers the case of local patient, Xavier Granier (pictured above left) who received mistletoe therapy at Camphill Wellbeing Trust after being diagnosed with laryngeal cancer.
Xavier had undergone chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery without achieving the desired outcome. By September 2006, his cancer was declared inoperable and his ENT consultant considered it ‘appropriate to supply palliative care only.’

Xavier then explored mistletoe therapy at Camphill Wellbeing Trust which he subsequently received between November 2006 and December 2012.
At a review with his consultant in February 2013, the study reports that Xavier had made a full recovery and ‘was deemed cancer-free both clinically and radiologically.’
 We spoke to Xavier about his mistletoe experience:

It is nearly nine years ago that I was given only weeks to live.
Mistletoe therapy changed it all and now, if I feel tired at the end of the day, it is because of five hours of gardening at the age of 79!

Since its publication, Xavier’s case study has again highlighted the potential uses of mistletoe therapy in cancer care. Consultants at the London conference were interested in the opportunities for further research and it prompted discussion from those who were not aware of its benefits.
Following the paper’s award and the positive reception by ENT consultants, Xavier’s wish that oncologists become more aware and open to mistletoe therapy moves another step towards fulfilment.

To read the case study, visit our research page

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