Janet Park

Janet's story

Janet Park was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in December 2011. Read about her journey...

I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in Dec 2011. Following an operation to remove part of my colon, chemotherapy commenced. I had a very bad reaction to the initial dose so treatment was reduced by 50% and slower infusion recommended. After the 4th course of chemo, treatment was cancelled due to my intolerance to it. I was concerned that the amount of chemo that I had taken during that time may not have been entirely adequate.

As a consequence I decided to look for any treatment that may have an additional benefit to my survival and wellbeing.

The individual approach is what is so special about this treatment.

I heard from friends and contacts about the beneficial effects of Mistletoe therapy and decided to give it a go.  I was attracted to it as a treatment designed to improve my body’s defence mechanisms.

In Nov 2012 I started my treatment.  After the initial introduction phase which lasted several weeks, a maintenance phase commenced which I have now been on for 3 1/2 years, this is tailored to the individual and my treatment plan will be different from others.  The individual approach is what is so special about this treatment.  I have a monthly review appointment with the Doctor and any problems are looked at and addressed with supportive AnthroHealth medicines and therapies offered.

Since the beginning of my treatment I have noticed an improvement in my energy levels and I am aware of the boost I get from the monthly infusions.  Energy levels are particularly important to me as I have had M.E for over 20 years and prior to mistletoe treatment I was always feeling tired and lacking in energy.  My overall wellbeing has increased and I generally feel better than I have for years with a more hopeful and positive outlook on life.

I cannot, of course, say how I would be if I had not had mistletoe therapy, but my experience and that of my friends make me confident to suggest it as a possibility for others in similar situations to myself.

I feel very fortunate that the facilities of Camphill Wellbeing Trust are so close to where I live. The doctors and staff are wonderful.  Nothing is too much trouble and you are made to feel welcome from the very start and any worries or concerns are quickly addressed.

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