Skydiving for Mistletoe

The sky’s the limit for Ailsa!

Ailsa Golightly, East Lothian, took to the skies in aid of Mistletoe Therapy UK this October.

Ailsa heard about mistletoe therapy after a family friend was diagnosed with cancer and undertook mistletoe therapy at Camphill Wellbeing Trust, Aberdeen. Following some background reading, she decided “mistletoe therapy was a fantastic cause to raise money for,” and she signed up for a tandem skydive challenge!

pic-1Planned to take place on her 21st birthday, Ailsa’s first skydiving date was postponed due to low, thick cloud. However she soon found herself departing from Fife Airport on the 1st October, ready to attempt the St Andrews Skydive.

With such a adrenaline-filled challenge, we decided to ask her more about her experience:


How did you feel in the lead up to the challenge?

I felt very excited more than anything. Fundraising was a good distraction from the nerves! It didn’t feel real until we were up in the plane, just about to jump, by which point it was too late to be worried.


What was it like during the fall?

When we were somersaulting through the air, the adrenaline rush was exhilarating. My jump was in the evening so as the parachute went up and we slowed down we got beautiful views of the sunset over the cities and country side. When we were spinning around with the parachute up it felt less like falling and more like flying. I didn’t want to reach the ground because I was having such a good time, however, the landing was safe and I was buzzing for hours afterwards.

Would you do it again?


Ailsa has raised an incredible £2059.50 including gift aid through her online donation page and sponsorship, including a generous donation of £300 from the Clark Community Choir.pic-4-finish

“I am very lucky to have received so much support from friends and family. Their help in spreading the word about Mistletoe Therapy UK an raising money has been fantastic.”


If you are interested in fundraising for Mistletoe Therapy UK, contact us now for your free e-fundraising pack!


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