Support needed for UK’s Mistletoe Therapy trial


Support needed for UK’s Mistletoe Therapy trial

We are very pleased to announce that a pilot randomised controlled trial for mistletoe therapy in the UK has been given the go ahead.

This comes after four years of  preparation work to find a suitable placebo. 
Given the lack of research into mistletoe therapy in the UK and the consequent difficulties encountered by patients wishing to access the therapy, this is particularly good news.

Research trials funded by organisations with an interest in promoting mistletoe therapy, such as manufacturers or providers, have in the past been criticised.

To counter this we wish to show strong public support for research into mistletoe therapy.
To demonstrate this we have launched a fundraising page for this trial.

We ask you to take this unique opportunity to show your support.

Please do this by:

  • Making a donation towards the trial -no donation is too small!  Click here to donate now!
  • Sharing this news as widely as possible and encourage others to consider donating.

Thank you for your support

Dr Stefan Geider
Mistletoe Therapy UK, Aberdeen



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