the availability of
mistletoe therapy
as part of an 
integrated approach
 to cancer care

Mistletoe Therapy UK is a UK-wide initiative
that was founded by patients, their families & friends.

With the support of health professionals and medical charity Camphill Wellbeing Trust,
Mistletoe Therapy UK aims to support the availability of mistletoe therapy as part of
an integrated approach to cancer care.

Mistletoe therapy
uses pharmaceutically prepared extracts from the mistletoe plant.

Mistletoe Therapy in AnthroHealth

Mistletoe therapy is part of the AnthroHealth approach which extends conventional medicine with additional therapeutic options.

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The AnthroHealth approach engages patients as active partners in their health.

It takes into account the physical, mental, emotional and personal factors that contribute to wellbeing.

AnthroHealth uses individualised therapeutic programmes to:

  •       >  address illness
  •       >  build resilience
  •       >  maintain wellbeing

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You can read more about the AnthroHealth approach on the Camphill Wellbeing Trust website.

Mistletoe Therapy UK aims to:

  • >  provide information and support to patients, carers and healthcare professionals
  • >  develop mistletoe therapy services UK wide 
  • >  promote further research on mistletoe therapy
  • >  ensure continued availability of mistletoe preparations in the UK
  • >  fundraise to support these activities.

Find out more...

Our two leaflets, About Mistletoe Therapy and 
About Mistletoe Therapy UK, are available by email.

Please contact us to find out more.  

Research in mistletoe

For the latest updates in research of mistletoe therapy visit our research page.

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