Wedding Celebrations raise money for Mistletoe Therapy UK

Shirley Lowry, a mistletoe patient of Camphill Wellbeing Trust, Aberdeen, and husband Michael have been raising money for Mistletoe Therapy UK in a rather unique way.

Just weeks after their stay at CWT, wedding bells were ringing as the couple celebrated their special day:

“We were so excited and looking forward to seeing many friends and family on our wedding day in April. The plan was for the day to be a day of colour, love and laughter. And God willing, beautiful sunshine. It was all of that and so much more.”

The happy pair (pictured left) explain their idea of raising money through their wedding:

“We knew it was traditional to have a wedding gift list, but the greatest gift we could ever receive from everyone was their friendship, love, positive thoughts and prayers.  We are truly blessed, and we needed for nothing more. 

However, we knew that friends and family still wanted to help, so we decided to set up a ‘Virgin just giving’ page for two charities. 

One charity was The Camphill Wellbeing trust, as I knew that I would soon be visiting the centre in Aberdeen for an intensive course of Mistletoe treatment. The other charity was more local to us, and offers alternative healing treatments.”

Shirley and Michael’s wedding guests have raised over £750 in support of Mistletoe Therapy UK.

“We are so pleased and humbled, that through the generosity of our family and friends that we have been able to help two very worthy charities.”

On behalf of everyone at CWT, we would like to wish Shirley and Michael all the best as husband and wife!


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