Vanessa Carter

Vanessa Carter

Vanessa was diagnosed with breast cancer. Read about her journey with mistletoe...

Vanessa Carter: age 46
Diagnosis: Breast Cancer with 5cm tumour in breast and 1cm tumour in armpit HER2 positive Oestrogen positive

When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer and told to have chemotherapy to shrink the tumour, I was also told there was only a 50% chance it would work. I couldn’t go through with it at a 50% success rate especially as I had seen the side effects of chemotherapy on friends.

Having researched cancer for 6 months, because my mum was also diagnosed with breast cancer 6 months previously, I had alternative plans. My first step was to change my diet to a vegan organic diet as methionine from meat and the excessive hormones would only feed my tumour and make it worse. I researched alternative therapies as well as take turmeric and vitamin supplements every day. I tried a clinic in Germany which was expensive but it didn’t provide the treatment I wanted which was low dose chemotherapy and localised hyperthermia despite its promises! I then went for localised chemo in Frankfurt.

When I returned from Germany I was at a loss, so I just concentrated on boosting my immune system to a high level through nutrition and herbs. As I researched I decided to conduct a little survey of my own to see how many people were curing cancer naturally and what they were doing. I found that mistletoe therapy kept coming up, time and time again. A lot of people use mistletoe therapy alongside chemotherapy and find the side effects are reduced dramatically; I read how one man didn’t even lose his hair! Mistletoe therapy has also helped those where chemotherapy and radiation has failed. When I looked further into people curing themselves naturally I found that they all changed their diet and lifestyle. They then chose a treatment that suited them most. I felt mistletoe therapy was the treatment for me because of all the good reports.

V CarterI am so glad I chose mistletoe therapy! The people are just lovely and so nice to work with. I have experienced hostility from my local hospital and doctor’s surgery. I have also experienced people trying to get money from me; I found cancer patients can sometimes be a target for greed. Not so with mistletoe therapy. They care about the person and their priority is making them well and comfortable in their surroundings. They go beyond their duty to make you feel safe and they are always on call. It’s an exceptional treatment within beautiful surroundings.

I believe this will work alongside my lifestyle change.
It is by far the best treatment and service I’ve encountered on my cancer journey.

My first treatment was with mistletoe extract as an IV injection. Afterwards I felt great. The doctor advised that I might feel a little dizzy about 6 hours after treatment. I felt full of energy but the doctor was right, 5 hours later I had a little dizzy spell so had to take it easy, I rested for an hour and then I was ok. The second day I had an increased dose of mistletoe. I felt good afterwards but made sure I didn’t rush around like the day before. The third day was the ultimate day, I received a further increase of mistletoe extract. I also received an injection straight into the tumour and another in the stomach. I was told that in 6 hours a fever would start and it would last 24hours. I was also told that there would be a reaction from the injection in the stomach. I left the surgery that day and I felt good and had lots of energy. Six hours later I still felt good and continued feeling ok throughout the night.

In the morning I felt rough! I had aching joints and my temperature was up to 38.8 I had flu like symptoms and a fever for around 12hours and then at 6pm my temperature started dropping. The following day I felt fine but the reaction on my stomach stung a little, my blood pressure was really low and I nearly fainted in the evening. I suffered from low blood pressure and dizziness for about 2-3 days after the treatment. The nurse gave me a herbal tincture to take with me which really helped because about once a day for the first week I would have a little dizzy spell.

I am now continuing my treatment and injecting myself twice a week which is scary as I’ve never done it before but I will get used to it and its doing me good. I am due to have another week at the Camphill Wellbeing Trust and I am looking forward to my treatment. I believe this will work alongside my lifestyle change. It is by far the best treatment and service I’ve encountered on my cancer journey.

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